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CandleLight 12/24 Hour – Overnight Ultra and Relays


Start times * The 24-Hour race starts at 7 AM on Saturday. * The 12-Hour race starts at 7 PM on Saturday. * The 12-Hour relay race starts at 7 PM on Saturday. Finish * Finish closes for all races at 7 AM on Sunday for all races. The racecourse * Here ( is the course map on MapMyRun ( . * The race course is a 1 mile, mostly paved loop with about 150 yards of fairly smooth wide trail surface – no ankle twisters! * The first half of the course goes gradually downhill. * The second half of the loop goes gradually uphill. Overview for 12/24-hour races * Run as many laps/miles as you can in 12/24 hours. * One Lap is about 1 mile long. * There is no minimum required amount of time to be on the course, nor will you DNF (did not finish) if you do not run the entire 12 hours. One complete Lap of the course qualifies you for an official finish. You can run as long or as short as you want, depending on your personal goals. * Walking, stopping to rest, and even napping is allowed. Overview for 12-hour overnight Relay Not ready to go in circles for 12/24 hours yet? No problem! There is a 12-hour relay option available. * Each relay team must have at least two but no more than four team members. Each relay team gets a BIB attached to the BIB belt before the start. The BIB belt serves as the relay baton. * It’s up to each team to decide the order, length of the distance, or time for each team member. There is no minimum distance or time requirement per team member, and there are no rules for the rotation within the relay team. The team can start with only two team members during the first 6 hours and let the other two members rotate during the last 6 hours of the race. If desired, teams are allowed to pass the BIB belt after every Lap or every hour or else. * The team captain registers the team, and members are added to the team for free. User coupon code ‘relay’ when registering your relay team or when joining the relay team Aid Station * The course will feature one fully stocked aid station with great ultra fare throughout the run. Also, it will be easy to self-support – bring your own cooler, tent, chair, and/or other supplies and set up your personal aid station that you can visit every Lap. Personalized BIB Option * For $10 extra, race participants can put any personalized message on the bib – as long as it is PG rated in every language. * A personalized Message can be your first name, last name, pets name, the cause you want to promote, or anything else. * For longer messages, a smaller font size may be used to fit the message on the bib. * There is no separate scoring division for personalized bib message holders. All 12-hour participants get scored together, and all 24-hour participants get scored together as well. * The registration for personalized bibs ends about a month before the race. Other * Please join the CandleLight Facebook group at where you can pose questions to other race participants. * Race Presented by The Greater Rochester Track Club (GRTC) ( . Become a GRTC member and receive a $10 discount when signing up for the race. This discount does not apply to the Relay race.

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Rochester Rotary Sunshine Camp, 809 Five Points Road, Rush


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