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Not too much, not too little

In an era of encouraged mass consumption regardless of quality, it is comforting to know that on Brockport’s Main Street there is LAGOM. Lagom, the Swedish word for not too much and not too little, but just right, is wholly embodied in this store. As Brooke Albanese, LAGOM’s owner, explains, “It is a concept that goes beyond purchasing; the idea to not live in excess, but also not to deprive yourself. And when you do buy something, ensuring your purchases are high-quality goods made with high-quality materials handmade by craftspeople”—a concept that is clearly put into place at LAGOM with a carefully curated selection of high-caliber homewares, jewelry, clothing and more await the discerning shopper, with many of the items made locally and across the United States.

The store feels welcoming and warm but not overwhelming. There are plush blankets, hand-poured candles with rich scents, local photography, and American made, 100 percent cotton baby clothes—plus much more. You feel at home, as you should with almost every item lovingly made by American hands with materials you can feel good about.

Albanese has always been creative, whether it was painting, photography, or making decorative primitive homewares. She first started her retail career in her hometown of Albion, where she had the same commitment to creativity and well-made products, working with other artists and selling their pieces along with her own. When she realized she was filling a need but didn’t have a big enough customer base, she decided to move to a busier location. As Albanese states, “Brockport already has a great main street, so to increase traffic for my business over my last location, it is nice to have an already established line of shops along with the college so close by.” Albanese works both with well-known artists such as Rachel Cordaro, Cordell Cordaro, Jolene Beckman Jewlery, and Michele Ashlee Photography and hobby creators who make things like needle felting and handmade ornaments. It really seems as though there is something for everyone. Alongside the artwork there are beauty products, leather goods, and cooking utensils. It is important to note that inventory changes often; once a product is sold off Albanese’s shelves, it is gone, replaced with something new and just as well made.

LAGOM is more than a shop. In January 2019, LAGOM had its one-year anniversary, and Albanese is already looking into the future, saying “I want to utilize this space to connect creatives: offer a place of support where someone can come with a project and just make. No directed instruction, just creativity.” She hopes to establish a creative haven for the community and professional artists alike to utilize.

And Albanese is always looking for the new and the creative and to the future of working with new artists and being able to offer products you can’t find anywhere else—that homeware gift that is “just right.”

Visit the shop in person at 40 Main Street in Brockport or on Facebook and Instagram at @lagom_brockport_ny.


Betsy Harris is a born-and-bred (585)-er and loves all things local.

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