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Nick's Picks: The Warrior Factory

Loyal readers of this column know the deal by now. For the most part, we’re all about the best food and drinks in Rochester. But after a long summer of field research, those calories have added up. Luckily, beach season is over and personality season is here. That won’t last forever, though. Fall and winter can be spent hibernating, or training to make your body Instgrammable come next summer.

In the quest for fitness, many people have grown bored of traditional gyms. Weights and treadmills have given way to alternative exercise like Tough Mudder races and CrossFit training. Rochestarians sick of World’s Gym and the YMCA now have another fun, unique way to stay active with the Warrior Factory, located at 3150 West Henrietta Road.

American Ninja Warrior, now in its sixth season on NBC, follows competitors as they make their way through obstacle courses designed to test strength, speed, agility, flexibility and just about every other physical skill.

After competing and succeeding on the show, Carl Fantauzzo, owner of Euphoria Liquor, decided to combine his business acumen with his passion for fitness by creating his own “ninja warrior” gym.

This sprawling, 7,000 square foot gym is filled with dozens of obstacles as well as a training room with more conventional exercise equipment.

While the obstacles at the Warrior Factory may seem complex, programs and classes for adults of all skill levels are taught by Fantauzzo and fellow ninja warrior contestant Danny Adair to make these tasks and the movements behind them achievable.

With core strength and lean muscle being keys to success in this sport, training at the Warrior Factory is the perfect way to have fun while losing weight and toning up.

A space for birthday parties has also made the Warrior Factory one of Rochester’s most coveted destinations for children and teens.

This Saturday, October 7, is the perfect opportunity to get a firsthand look at the Warrior Factory and competitors that may end up on NBC in the future. More than 130 athletes across different age brackets will compete in the National Ninja League Regional Qualifier. The top three male and female contestants from each age division will move on to compete in the national finals. Spectators are welcome; tickets are $5 each.

Whether you’re a ninja in training or simply looking to try something new, the Warrior Factory is worth a visit.

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