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Nick's Picks: Naan-Tastic

My Chipotle order is firmly ingrained into my memorybrown rice, chicken, hot salsa, lettuce, and shredded cheese. It’s mundane, it’s boring, and I’ve said it no less than 200 times, but sometimes a quick, decent meal is necessary. Luckily, with the opening of Naan-Tastic, a fast casual Indian restaurant, my go-to order is now something like turmeric rice, lamb keema, vindaloo sauce, red onions, and sliced ginger.

In a modern space with glossy wooden furniture and decorative odes to India, Naan-Tastic brings Rochesterians flavors that may be unfamiliar in a recognizable, familiar format. Recently opened in Henriettawhich has become somewhat of a hotspot for diverse food from all over the globe—Naan-Tastic serves rolls, naan tacos, and bowls. For each option, turmeric rice, quinoa, spring mix, and romaine lettuce are offered as bases. Protein choices include channa masala, veggie chili, paneer tikka, chicken tikka, lamb keema, steak, and swai fish fry. To top your meal off, there are a variety of fresh vegetables and sauces like tamrind, vindaloo, masala and makhani. Beer, wine, and sides like samosas and Punjabi chips are also available.

Despite being made in large quantities to keep up with rushes throughout the day, Naan-Tastic’s ingredients maintain their freshness and potency as if each dish was made on the spot.

Aside from the assembly line–style service, there are American influences in some of Naan-Tastic’s fusions items like Punjabi mac and cheese, Makhani french fries, and Nutella pistachio gulab jamun.

Owners Ajay, Aman, and Mandeep Singh, the family also behind Thali of India on South Winton Road, hope to grow their empire and continue spreading Indian cuisine to American audiences by franchising this particular fast casual model.

Naan-Tastic is located at 100 Market Place Drive. Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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