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Nick's Picks: LuGia's Ice Cream

It’s August 24. The sky is overcast, the air is distinctly crisp, and pumpkin spice has already infiltrated my coffee. Fall officially begins on September 22. With a little less than one month left of summer, you can submit to fall and all that comes with it. You can put away your sandals and put on boots, trade in your tank top for a flannel, and watch the leaves turn. Or you can resist. You can fight the premature autumn trends and cram in as many summer activities as humanly possible, before it’s too late.

For many Rochestarians, specifically those on the west side, summer activities start and end at LuGia’s Ice Cream in Spencerport. While froyo is having a moment in the spotlight, this family-owned shop is a step back in time; its product and atmosphere ooze small town summer nostalgia.

On any given summer night, crowds gather to have the huge portions dished out at LuGias. Originally a marketing ploy, massive servings have been the shop’s signature since 1995. Quality does not take a back seat to quantity, however. Rich, real ingredients are used to make delicious hard ice cream flavors like blueberry cheesecake, red velvet, vanilla peanut butter, and cinna-graham swirl. Classic custard flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and twist are also available.

With benches and tables parallel to the ordering window, there is always a charming mix of first dates, married couples, old friends, and families returning from little league games coming together to enjoy one of summer’s simple pleasures.

While there may not be enough time left in summer 2017 to try all of the flavors offered at LuGia’s, there is certainly enough time left to start.

Visit for a full list of flavors and hours.  

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