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Nick's Picks: DREAMERS at Anthology

DREAMERS, a band poised to be the next big thing in rock music, will bring its act to Rochester on March 31 at Anthology.

Since the band’s formation in 2014, the trio of bassist Marc Nelson, drummer Jacob Lee Wick, and lead guitarist and front man Nick Wold, has already gained national attention for their slick writing and unique sound that can only be described as a mash-up of genres. Listed as everything from alternative rock to indie pop, DREAMERS prefer the blanket genre of “alt” to describe its music.

“Alt is becoming kind of a scene, we’re starting to write songs with the bands we tour with, and everybody kind of helps each other out,” says Wold. “It’s kind of like alternative rock but also it’s a little electronic and it spans from grungy rock to synth pop. So it just kind of represents the alternative kids who aren’t into the mainstream thing.”

Shortly after its conception, DREAMERS released “Wolves,” an up-tempo love song that earned radio play on the SirusXM channel Alt Nation and eventually reached number thirty-nine on Billboard’s American Alternative Chart. DREAMERS’s first hit gained the attention of the Stone Temple Pilots, who handpicked the trio to open for them in the spring of 2015. With radio play and the national attention that takes some bands decades to receive, DREAMERS embarked on a nationwide tour spanning dozens of cities where they refined their act and exposed fans to their EPs DREAMERS and You Are Here.  

In August of 2016, DREAMERS released its first official album, This Album Does Not Exist. Filled with grungy guitar chords, synth-laden melodies, and catchy pop choruses, DREAMERS’s debut album produced three tracks on the Billboard Alternative Chart, “Drugs,” “Painkiller,” and “Sweet Disaster.” This Album Does Not Exist is rife with DREAMERS’s genre-bending sound and aspects of past eras of rock. Wold, who grew up in Seattle during the heyday of grunge and eventually moved to New York City when it was the epicenter of rock resurgence, lists the Cranberries, the Strokes, Nirvana, and Weezer as influences.

Currently on tour with New Politics, DREAMERS are continuing to play This Album Does Not Exist as well as songs from an unreleased album.

“Our first record is characterized as a fun summer love album, we wrote it when we moved to Los Angeles and it was kind of carefree,” says Wold. “This second record definitely takes a little bit of a darker or more serious edge and I think it’s just kind of a reflection of the times and what we’ve went through touring for two years and having this crazy experience.”

DREAMERS fans can look forward to more tour dates, festival performances, new music videos, and a new album scheduled to drop this summer.

Rochester is the second to last stop on DREAMERS’s tour with New Politics. Doors open for next Saturday’s show at 6:30 p.m.

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