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Nick's Picks: Blu Wolf Bistro's Strawberry Mojito

Certain phrases are learned and practiced so often that they become an unconscious habit, performed without even noticing, like saying “excuse me” if you bump into someone on the street, “hello” when you answer the phone, or “I’ll take a beer” when a bartender asks what you’d like to drink.

While I still encourage the use of “excuse me” and “hello” in your daily lexicon, the Strawberry Mojito at Blu Wolf Bistro has made me think twice before saying “I’ll take a beer.”

Served over ice and accented by fresh accoutrements, Blu Wolf’s Strawberry Mojito is the perfect summer drink. With dragonberry rum and just the right amount of simple syrup, this cocktail tastes incredibly smooth, a contrast to its pulpy but refreshing texture from mint leaves and muddled strawberries.

Rather than being weighed down by the heavy draught beer you chugged before it turned warm, enjoy Blu Wolf’s Strawberry Mojito at your own pace while feeling spry and invigorated from its light, airy flavors.

The Blu Wolf Bistro does have a sleek, posh interior, but the ideal place to enjoy your Strawberry Mojito is outside at their sidewalk tables during a perfect Park Ave day, surrounded by great weather and great company.

Blu Wolf Bistro is located at 657 Park Avenue.

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