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The word boudoir is a French term referring to a woman’s private dressing room. Historically, boudoirs were decorated with lush fabrics like silks and satin. Women used these spaces for dressing, relaxing, and entertaining. Today the word boudoir is often used in reference to a photo shoot emphasizing romantic, sexy, and intimate poses. Boudoir photographers bring these elements into their studio, allowing clients a safe and empowering way to embrace the seductive and alluring aspects of themselves.

029 Nspstudioboudoir

Erin Waller

NSP Studio  is a Rochester studio that specializes in boudoir photo sessions. Natalie Sinisgalli, a Rochester native, received her degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in imaging and photographic technology. She started NSP soon after graduation in 2007. Sinsigalli’s team includes: Nina Piccini (photographer), CoCo Boardman (photographer), Alyssa Marzolf DeWitt (production manager), and Molly Hannon (social media manager). The studio also takes engagement, wedding, maternity, and family shoots. Sinisgalli enjoys telling beautiful stories of love and family through her photos.

Sinisgalli’s passion for boudoir photography came from her love for connecting with people and making women feel empowered and safe through her sessions. “I love meeting people; I love knowing people and understanding them,” she says. Individuals who choose to do boudoir photo shoots often give their albums to their significant other as a gift on Valentine’s Day, after an engagement, or on their wedding day. Others simply do it for themselves.

Erin Waller has had several boudoir shoots with NSP. She describes her experience as “empowering, inspirational, and fun.” Waller is a Rochester native who originally had the idea to do a boudoir album for a past significant other as a gift for Valentine’s Day. In 2015 she discussed doing the shoot with one of Sinisgalli’s employees,Whitney Warne, and from that phone call on, she says, she felt like a goddess. Warne walked Waller through the entire process.

“I felt like a goddess from the moment I called the studio and talked to Whitney to the day that my album was delivered. I cannot express enough how empowering the experience was, because I saw myself in a way I never really had before,” says Waller. When Waller walked into the studio, Sinisgalli greeted her with a warm hug. She knew she was in a welcoming environment. The package included two hours with Sinisgalli, but there is also a makeup and hair designer on set to help clients prepare. Some prefer a natural look while others want to have a full glam face.

010 Nspstudioboudoir

Maren Welch

Sinisgalli and the client discuss outfits, and they determine what attire to wear. Comfort is the core of boudoir and not every woman brings lingerie. Some women wear dresses or oversized tee shirts.

“Natalie directed me through everything. She told me how to hold my shoulders and face. She would even make me laugh. I felt so comfortable through the entire process,” says Waller.

After the shoot, Sinisgalli welcomes the client back into the studio to go over the photos. A big screen television displays the images while music plays in the background. “I finally saw the way other people saw me, and I have never felt more special,” says Waller.

Sinisgalli’s passion project,“Real Women of Rochester,” highlights the stories of local Rochester women who have been through traumatic experiences. The idea was a spark in the middle of the night—Sinisgalli would use her platform to give a woman a safe space to express their life stories with other women in the community.

Sinisgalli gives participating women a boudoir photo shoot and then interviews them about their lives. She shares these raw and empowering stories on her blog. This passion project brings women together and allows them to connect and heal their past traumas together.

Sinisgalli loves taking care of her community, and she has a passion for making women feel loved and comfortable in their skin. Bringing self-love out of her clients and seeing their reactions to their boudoir photos make her job all worthwhile. Learn more at

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