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Letter from Christine

I was tickled to read about making time to write lunch box notes in Sarah Mead’s parenting hacks article (see page 24). It brought back fond memories of my mom leaving little notes and unexpected treats in my lunch back in the 1980s. My favorite was a post-Halloween Tootsie pop wrapped in a tissue, so it looked like a ghost. It was simple, but it absolutely thrilled me at the time. 

I hope Sarah’s article helps you prepare for the school year and beyond, but before the kiddos hop on the bus there is still lots of summer to enjoy. I hope you can revel in these warm summer days and soak up the sun before getting too tangled up in the ins and outs of school. Terri Ercole’s mindfulness calendar (see page 16) will help bring a little peace to your family’s life as you navigate beach days, summer camp, and sprinkler time. 

My wish for you is a lovely end of summer and an easy transition back to school. (585) Kids will help everyone in the family be ready for anything that comes their way! 

—Christine Green, Managing Editor

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