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From the Publisher: November-December 2019

I don’t actually remember first meeting Berna Ticonchuk, but I can tell you that it was a long, long time ago at what is now called the Eastman Museum (back then it was the George Eastman House, and my great friend Deirdre Cunningham was the landscape curator). Reading Michelle Sutton’s piece on Berna brought back so many wonderful memories—of that place, of those people, of original Gatherings of Gardeners that were held there … At those conferences I met the likes of Tony Avent and Michael Dirr for the first time. I was young and starstruck. I’m not as young anymore, but don’t admire those names—those people—any less. How lucky I feel for having a chance to know them.

We have such a rich, vibrant gardening community here in upstate New York. My plea for this winter: Take the time to read the calendar… go to classes … check out the education days held by PlantWNY, PlantGFLX, and PlantCNY … talk to the experts at GardenScape and Plantasia … go to a seed swap … take advantage of it all.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll catch up in January.


Jane Milliman, Publisher

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