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From the Publisher: May-June 2020

Dear friends, 

For the past month, I’ve been saying “Spring isn’t canceled!” to anyone who will listen. Though I’m afraid that might have backfired slightly, as the weather in April was, for the most part, ghastly. And right when we wanted to get out into our gardens the most. (Maybe those April showers were exactly what everyone needed to stop us from planting too early.)

We’ve been cooped up and we’ve been anxious. But now we are really, truly in the beginning of the growing season—and it feels so good!

Of course, all of our local nurseries, garden centers, and purveyors of fine plants are doing the best they can to serve you safely during the COVID-19 PAUSE and beyond. They all have new procedures in place, and many have alternate hours, so if you are venturing out, please call ahead or check websites and social media accounts to make sure your trip is fruitful. And please do visit our advertisers—they have been working harder than ever to make sure their customers have great selection and quality this year, all while staying six feet apart from one another and probably wearing masks. 

Didn’t expect to get this issue in the mail? We decided to send the print edition to our entire mailing list, even those whose subscription ran out years ago and subscribers to our sister publication, (585). Why? We owe it to our advertisers to get this magazine into as many hands as possible, and, with current restrictions, not everybody can pick up a free one at the local garden center. And we owe it to our loyal readers to make the print publication as accessible as we can. You can also read every issue free of charge on our website, 

These are trying times, but the worst is behind us (or so I believe, as I am an optimist and also possibly a denialist). Have a safe and a happy spring. 


Jane Milliman, Publisher

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