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Darlyne Truax is the owner of the three Chandeliers Boutique locations—in Pittsford, Webster, and Canandaigua. These boutiques specialize in comfortable, stylish, and well-made clothing for women. Truax was a stay-at-home mom for nearly twenty years before opening the boutiques, all the while creating and making accessories to sell to the owners of the original Chandeliers. 

After completing her degree in fashion merchandising in 2013, Truax decided to take over the store, originally housed in a small basement. Her dedication to customer service and the quality of her products launched the store toward success. The shop quickly moved into a larger location in Pittsford, and within a year, another location opened in Canandaigua. In 2019, the third location opened in Webster.

Chandeliers Boutique focuses on its customer experience. New items come into the store every day in order to provide the customers with variety. Truax herself handpicks the inventory and will only buy a limited quantity for each store so that the shopping experience different each time. That’s why she recommends that clients purchase any item they really love, as it could be gone by their next visit. She works with hundreds of vendors to ensure a selection that is broad and unique. Chandeliers aims to help nearly every woman, no matter her age, to find something she loves. The store also offers gifts like candles and other housewares.

Each boutique is staffed by stylists, so customers can schedule an appointment to be dressed in a head-to-toe ensemble, including jewelry and shoes. To request the stylist service, you can either go directly to the store or call ahead. With more than twenty sales associates across three locations, customers can expect a personalized shopping experience. In fact, Truax tells her employees that “the most important thing is to be honest. You don’t want someone walking out of the store with a piece that sits in their closet … because they are not comfortable, or they don’t like the way they look in it. You want it to be their favorite, go-to piece.” Although the boutique quality of the stores may trigger a pocket warning to some, Truax says she ensures that her high-end items do not come with high-end price tags.

If you’re not ready to venture out and shop in person, you can visit Chandeliers Boutique online. Items can be shipped for free or picked up curbside. The store’s selection is smaller than normal, as Truax cannot currently meet with vendors and examine their products to ensure the quality. However, that does not mean that you cannot find something wonderful to wear.

You can find Chandeliers Boutique online at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Betsy Harris is a born-and-bred 585-er and loves all things local. You can follow all of her adventures on Instagram at

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