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Branching out

A spring dress design by a local artist captures the imagination.

Springtime brings with it a buzz of awakening. 

Even the most no-nonsense woman clad in monotones feels something in the air: a fresh, delightful, irresistible frisson of happiness.

It might arrive as a waft of fragrant magnolia or as a patch of azure-blue that breaks through a gray sky.

Spring inspires us to throw off our heavy things, let our sense of seriousness fall away, give ourselves permission to add a dash of fun to our wardrobes, and let our inner child out to play. 

Model: Julia Johnson 

Dress: Handmade by Deneb Vargas 

Makeup: Sarah Napoli

Hair: Lyndon Huttemann

Styling: Melisa Moorhouse and Tanvi Asher 

Photography: Greg Hollar 

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