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Better basics

We all know a modern nomad who seeks a life of endless adventure and strives to leave a light footprint on the world. Many are drawn to “van life” but want to inhabit a roomier space—and a “tiny house” is so permanent.

Thankfully, a happy medium exists in camper life.This evergreen trendlet combines vagabond fantasy, the affordances of home, D.I.Y. adventurism, and off-the-grid self-sufficiency.

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With that in mind, we present a capsule collection. As the seasons change, so should your wardrobe. Think of it as a time to start fresh and build a go-to wardrobe that has everything you will need for the months ahead. We start from the solid foundation of a cozy cardigan, a power blazer, and an effortless strapless dress. These are the items that, any way you style them, will carry you from season to season.

Worry not; you don’t have to throw out your wardrobe and start over. Simply consider where gaps exist in your repertoire. Are you still looking for the perfect black patent loafers or crisp white shirt? Next, begin your plan of attack. Where will you go to complete your ensemble?

For your autumn checklist, consider the following:

  • A classic white top with a twist, courtesy of Scanlan Theodore, or a structured shirt by Morrison
  • An oversized textured sweater or chunky turtleneck
  • A slip dress and/or strapless bodycon (“body conscious”) dress. These are well positioned for layering.
  • Trousers in the new silhouette: cropped and flared. Make no mistake: these present a very flattering profile.
  • If a classic blazer with gold-colored hardware isn’t already in your wardrobe, consider this a high priority. Invest wisely, as this should be a “forever piece.”
  • Finish the look with a classic pair of snakeskin booties. This shoe will complement any outfit from pant to skirt. Find patent or classic leather options at Dolci Firme.

Of course, no look is complete without a touch of jewelry. If you’re looking for bold, modern pieces, seek out Witchery’s offerings. For more classic, sentimental pieces, Mimco’s “Oh so fine” collection fits the bill.

Special thanks to Gina and Bob Mullen for allowing us to use their beautiful 1968 Ford camper.

Tanvi Asher is a Rochester-based fashion and industrial designer. She is the owner of Shop Peppermint and Salty boutiques.

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