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Good beer, good vibes

Frequentem Brewing Co. 254 S. Main St., Canandaigua 577-8007 David and Meagan D’Allesandro are proof that if you are patient, detail-oriented, and willing to strike

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The duality

Bartenders meet all types. And to get along with every one of them, it takes equal parts love for the deeply meaningful and senselessly bizarre.

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Familiar flavors at Abyssinia

Abyssinia Restaurant 1657 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester 262-3910 Ethiopian cuisine is not exactly America’s first choice for dining out. When suggesting it as an option,

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Setting back the clock

In 1911, dozens of businesses around Rochester bought special ads in the paper to announce a change in address. “Come visit our new location,” they

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Moving images

When poet Jennifer Maloney saw Richard C. Miller’s 1955 photograph of James Dean at a market in Marfa, Texas, she knew she wanted to write

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