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Remembrances of things past

Tie-dye has long had a crunchy reputation. There’s that good old-fashioned hippy-dippy kind, done in a bathtub with dyes from who-knows-where. Then there are mass-market

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Comfort during COVID

F.L.X. Wienery at ROC Brewing Co. 56 S. Union St. 794-9798 Like most popular American foods, the hot dog has humble beginnings. While it’s descended

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Eyes on the prize

My checkered eyeglass-wearing past began at three years old. Included was an eye patch over a lazy eye that I’d peek out from under any

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Guardians of the lake

Seneca Lake is home to class AA drinking water for 100,000 people, but its location in rural Upstate New York has at times made it

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Around Town

Mourning the loss of Roc Holiday Village 2020 Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite new holiday event in Rochester, Roc Holiday Village, has been cancelled this year in

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Unplugged: The saint

What is the best movie representation of you?  That is a great question. You hope you’re brought to life by some great actors and well-written

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