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Women Gynecology and Childbirth Associates, P.C.

YourCare Health Plan offers free or low-cost health insurance that truly puts you and your family first. We’re not only for moms and dads, we’re for teens and tweens, too. At YourCare, your most precious concerns are kept close to our hearts. That’s why we offer Child Health Plus, an exceptional health plan that insures your child, and promotes wellness through age 19 – because we believe no child should ever be without coverage. With Child Health Plus, children are covered when receiving care from his or her doctor, and also receive full coverage for preventive care, bloodwork, x-rays, emergency care, prescriptions, and much more.

YourCare provides access to high-quality, affordable health insurance for residents in seven counties across the Greater Buffalo and Rochester regions. The organization embraces a highly-collaborative approach to working with a vast network of local, respected providers and community organizations to coordinate care, improve health outcomes, and enhance quality of life. Consistent with its mission, YourCare’s approach is to uniquely provide thorough, compassionate, and extraordinary care to each and every member. Not only is access to health care services available, but access to essentials such as shelter, food, transportation, daycare, clothing, and more can be arranged through working with the YourCare team.

To find out if your child(ren) qualify for Child Health Plus or one of our other patient-centered health plans, please visit: or our convenient location in the city of Rochester – 16 W. Main St., at the corner of Main and State Streets downtown.

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16 W. Main St., Rochester – one block from RTS Transit Center


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